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专业服务网(ZhuanYeFuWu.com),前身美国纽约沃德事务所,成立于2010年2月,属于 Woyd Corporation 旗下。我们是一支充满热情、富有朝气的专业服务团队,我们不仅有资深企业管理人才,数位在美国律师事务所或美国会计事务所从业多年的精英小组,还有大型互联网从业经验的网络工程师加入我们,开发维护我们的系统平台。无论是中国团队,还是美国团队,高效的管理、完善的网络、密切的配合、新颖的理念,都是我们“专业服务网”的信心来源和坚实基础。我们努力为全球华人提供各类专业服务,帮助您更简单的办事,更有效实惠的解决问题。

Professional Service Network (ZhuanYeFuWu.com), formerly known as Woyd Corporation in New York, was established in February 2010. We are an enthusiastic and passionate professional service team. We have senior corporate management talent, several elite groups who have worked in American law firms and American accounting firms for many years. We have network engineers with extensive internet experience who have joined us to develop and maintain our system platform. Whether it is a Chinese team or an American team; efficient management, extensive network, close cooperation, and innovative concepts make up the solid foundation for our “Professional Service Network.” We strive to provide all kinds of professional services to Chinese people worldwide to help you do things more positively, effectively and economically.